Become a Part of Project Kalahati


PK is looking for Kapatids. Kapatids will be a type of intern, who will walk away with an invaluable bookmaking still of their choice. We would request that interns spend 10 hours a week in the PK studio, and any desired amount learning the trade. If this sounds of interest or want to find out more please contact us at

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PK is looking for Kasamas. A Kasama will have assets that they contribute, which will range from fiscal support to design work to construction. The amount and length of involvement will depend on the individual Kasama. (The amount and length of involvement for Kapatids will be pre-determined and abiding (invariable)). Want to become a sibling? Email us at with Kasama in the subject.

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Project Kalahati is looking for proposals. We are looking to publish zines, prints or softcover books on the topics of gender/race politics, history, current events, spirituality, and radical instruction. If you have a written project, or soon-to-be, please email us at to find out more, and pitch us your idea, we would love to hear it!