Pro Arts

For the past 45 years of operation, Pro Arts has reflected the world through the prism of art. As an alternative art space, we have always operated on the margins of the official art world. However, starting early 2019, we are moving into the light as the leader of a local movement, towards the first art and culture commons in Oakland, CA.

Inspired by the P2P Foundation, platform cooperativism, and the Occupy movement, Pro Arts will begin experimenting with new forms of ideas, action-based governance and collaborative presentation methods with the idea to ultimately re-frame the value of art and art labor in the context of a social and solidarity economy.

Project Kalahati

Kalahati Press is a space for creating innovative writing and publishing primarily for the Bay Area QPOC (queer people of color) community. We prioritize being self- contained and self-determined. This project will expand on our commitment to creating fully actualized authors and artists, who, through the support of the collective, will cultivate a foundation in printing, binding, production, and the economic practices of the book world.

As a small press, we will specialize in printed ephemera, chapbooks, posters, zines, and books. We will print metaphysical texts, radical political theory, anarchist thought, and revolutionary literature.


Unity Press

The zines we make, print, and publish constitute a variety of media and topics from various artists and authors. Most of our zines exhibit art by queer folks. From illustrations and paintings to mixed-media collage and photographs, these zines may explicitly or implicitly explore queer and cultural experiences and identities. Other zines we publish contain works such as poetry, abstract visual themes, and DIY-instructional materials. We focus on prioritizing and supporting queer folks, especially QTPOC.

irrelevant press

We are a group of four female friends who have been making zines together since 2014. Our zines about our interests, about our friends, Craigslist, pop culture, queerness, poetry, photography, human rights, celebrities, music, online dating, tweets, gender, consent, self discovery, relationships, prose, people, drawings, identity, inside jokes, collages, cats, surveillance, time, social media, questioning, technology, emotions, magical things, videography, cognitive dissonance in arts, and zines! We also help create, print and put out zines for first-time zine makers and folks on a budget.


Press Maji

An Afro-Futurist community newspaper that covers art, political news, and new speculative fiction in the African diaspora. We are dedicated to depicting Africans in the diaspora in a non-fatalistic nor pessimistic fashion. The journalists are committed to producing honest and thorough stories. We recognize that the future is woman, queer, and African.

Litquake logo b&w.png


Whether it’s poets reciting in a cathedral, authors discussing science versus religion in a library, or novelists reading in a beekeeping supply store, the goal remains the same: whet a broad range of literary appetites, present the literary fare in a variety of traditional and unlikely venues, and make it vivid, real, and entertaining. Now grown to the largest independent literary festival on the West Coast, Litquake continues its mission as a ten-day literary spectacle for booklovers, complete with cutting-edge panel discussions, unique cross-media events, and hundreds of readings.