Who We Are

Kalahati Press is a printing press and publishing house based out of Pro Arts Gallery & Commons, in Downtown Oakland, CA.

We prioritize being self- contained and self-determined. As a small press, we will specialize in printed ephemera, chapbooks, posters, zines, and books. We print metaphysical texts, radical political theory, anarchist thought, and revolutionary literature.



Akande X (Founder) is a philosophy student at the University of Southern California. He is one of the founders of Maji Press, an Afro-Futurist newspaper project bringing people of the Bay Area Afrofuturist theory, fiction, and news of the African diaspora in a single newsprint publication. He is interested in internet culture, memes, anarchism, and African diaspora studies.

Scott Ortega-Nanos (Founder) is a bookseller and community organizer in Oakland. His work explores the numerous ways in which books can be used as tools for resistance and liberation. In 2014, he started a yearlong project operating a community bookstore inside a building scheduled to be demolished for new condominiums. In early 2018, he (alongside co-founder Akande X,) helped start Maji Press, a community Afrofuturist newspaper. He was recently named as an exhibiting artist in SOMARTS exhibition “Reorienting the Imaginaries,” which premiered his newest mixed-media installation, “Pasyon: a Heuristic Pedagogy.” Currently, Scott spends most of his time taking care of his daughter, Naima, and selling rare books.


Mollie Underwood (Founder) is a printer by trade, coming from the foothills of Nevada City, CA. She has been working out of West Oakland for 5 years, and is one of four of irrelevant press (est. 2016). She specializes in indie publishing, and pre-production. She is interested in poetry, gender exploration, internet culture, interpersonal relationships and all tangible arts. You can find Mollie paginating, printing (digital and risograph), folding, collating, stapling, cutting, taping, or gluing.

Ryanaustin Dennis (Founder) is an Oakland based curator/artist/writer. As the founding member of The Black Aesthetic, a curatorial collective, his practice is concerned with how 20th and 21st century experimental performance, film, and writing histories are shaped by the metaphysics of blackness. He has done curatorial and arts coordination work for E.M. Wolfman Bookstore, Kadist, Eastside Arts Alliance, Betti Ono and is a Southern Exposure Curatorial Council Fellow.

Vikram Badu (Member) is a graphic designer and cassette jockey. He specializes in branding, logo/product/software design, implementing design systems and team operations. Vikram is passionate about technology, and deep exploration of digital and printed media platforms.

Saam Niami (Member) is a writer, journalist, and editor. He has founded, organized, and written for a multitude of publications. He was a reporter for GroundUp News in Cape Town, South Africa where he covered human rights. His interests include politics, media theory, film, poetry, fashion, photography, history, Orientalist theory, and music. You will likely never see Saam based in one location.